GATS: End of Liberties?




What is the GATS?

GATS is "General Agreement on Trade in Services". It's an agreement signed in 1994, currently in negotiation at WTO (World Trade Organization).
It's an agreement aiming to the liberalization of the services. Some examples? Water, education, health, tourism, energy, transport...

You will find more informations at GATSwatch


What are the dangers of GATS

If WTO negociate in secret GATS, who knows? Who wants that?

Who wants to give our schools to Coca-Cola? Who wants to give the management of our forests to a big Pharma company or to the king of hamburgers?
Who? You? Are you sure?


A logo to protest

Protest! Use the logo we have develloped. Put it on your door, your mailbox, your bicycle, your school, your town hall, in your headings of letters, on your Internet sites. Make flags and tee-shirts... Spread it at much as possible. Explain GATS to your friends, your parents, your neighbors. Do like many cities in the world, be a GATS Free Zone and show it.

This logo is copyleft. You can download it here (several computer formats available).